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Why Simplify Trades Was Founded

Simplify Trades came into existence as a response to the concerning issues we identified within the financial markets industry. We were a group of passionate traders deeply immersed in this fascinating sector, and our affinity for it was undeniable. However, amid our trading experiences, a disquieting pattern emerged.

We began to notice that individuals were falling victim to scams, becoming woefully misinformed about their investments, and, most alarmingly, pensioners were losing their hard-earned savings. Aspiring traders, eager to learn the basics, were sinking significant amounts of capital into their education, often without the necessary guidance.
Over the past decade, we interacted with thousands of aspiring traders and investors, and their harrowing tales consistently echoed the same distressing narrative. We grew increasingly disheartened by these stories and felt compelled to take action.

As a unified team, we meticulously reviewed our extensive collection of meeting notes. Through this process, we discerned a glaring demand for resources tailored to aspiring traders and individuals seeking to navigate the markets with confidence. It was then that we made a resolute decision: we would leave the corporate world behind and embark on a mission to cultivate self-sufficient traders, equipping them with every essential tool, method, and resource to excel in their pursuits.

Our mission

Our mission is unequivocal: to empower individuals to become self-sufficient traders. We achieve this through the provision of comprehensive online education featuring a meticulously structured learning curriculum and unwavering personalized support. At Simplify Trades, we take immense pride in pioneering a groundbreaking approach that seamlessly merges fundamental and technical analysis.
Our ultimate aim is nothing short of a transformation in the financial market education sector. We are committed to our promise that every trader we nurture will succeed, or we will refund their investment. This commitment underscores our dedication to creating a brighter future for those who choose to embark on this journey with us.

Meet Our head trader

Meet Muhammad Saqib Chughtai our co Founder , Head trader & educator

Muhammad's journey into trading began during his A-levels under the mentorship of Dr. Paulson, a renowned economist and trader. Over two decades, he developed a unique strategy called "Trading Predictive Economics," combining Fundamental Analysis with technical analysis. This approach ensures traders consistently ride market trends, with precise entry points at cluster levels he's spent years refining. Muhammad’s expertise is your competitive edge in navigating the markets. Join him in this fascinating trading journey.

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